Monday, April 30, 2007

Opening lines

So why become a journalist? Do u actually think you can write well or do u have pretensions to changing the world or something? Or is it just the 'byline' as journos say- ur name printed in fine little black letters on he left upper corner below the bold headline- ur name visible to largely u and to some other morons like u in other papers worried about 'missing' a story.
How mean can u get? I am a journo mainly bcoz I like writing. I enjoy writing.
Ha. U mean u want to become world famous writer one day. High hopes huh!
May be. Why not. What's wrong with it. It's better than wasting time with a piss off deflator like u. So while I wait for my book to come to me, I am going to blog and will call it Roshandaan so there's some relief, some breath of the sea breeze from Goa down there or the hills up north to keep me going in this city of traffic jams, smoke and honking horns. Delhi can be so irritating but it's work and it's also fun thrown in between. Here goes Roshandaan:)