Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Face Reading

I attended a conference the other day which had delegates from several countries participating. It was an interesting melting pot of sorts and I was trying to get to know people from various nationalities and we all communicated through the universal language of smiling. One delegate returned the smile and came to talk to me and asked me where I was working. I returned the question and he said-" Cant' u see from my face? I am from China". But the whole thing is I was never quite sure despite his features. For all I knew, he could be an American born Chinese representing god knows which country? Or he could be fromHong Kong? Or he could be Indian, actually, pointed out a colleague who had a similar experience where a person she thought south east asian turned out to be an Indian from north-eastern states brought up in Russia! In a world where cultural and political boundaries are blurring in the minds even when they are firmly etched in red lines in world maps, is there any scope or relevance of face reading? Phew, we are becoming world citizens:)

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