Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A lesson in history at the Red Fort

After years I entered the Red Fort the other day. I watched it and admired it's lit up form in the nights when I drove past so often and kept saying to myself that I had to attend the sound and light show some day but never did. Somehow things worked out and I convinced my husband and dragged him to the show. Passing by the majestic Lahore gate, the Meena Bazar shutting down at 8:30 pm with all its wares targeting firang tourists, the Diwan-i-aam facing the lawns and finally the Diwan-i-Khas area where several Mughal emperors held reign. The show was damn good, recreating the history of the Red Fort passing down the hands of Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Mhd Shah Rangeela and finally Bahadur Shah Zafar after which the British troops marched in.
Was quite an interesting history lesson and I loved the lighting that made the fort look so witheringly beautiful. Wish though that they'd do something about the mosquitoes that seem to hold fort at the lawns where one has to sit thro for the hour long show. Also what about creating a parking space closer to the fort and what about people who cannot walk thro the whole long distance from Lahore Gate to Diwan-I-khas. Hello, this is the Red Fort ASI and all other authorities! What about making its slightly more tourist friendly? Or do you want everyone to just give the wonderful show a miss. Barely ten people attended the show with me last week. I am sure it would be a packed house only if the guys in charge get their act together.


Rodrigo said...

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AGONIST said...

Yes very true, but Lady when it took ages to bring "U" down there... why do u feel anybody else would give a damn to this monument with immense splendor ... In this era of Supermarkets n Malls commerce can’t mount up by Meena Bazar trading and for upholding of any object. U need to pump in money. Yes! I said money, that’s (Red Fort)… no longer a private property.. Alternate source is public finance…but as they say they have better things to do with the same.

But don’t get saddened …. Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings… May b your kids witness some good n remarkable changes over a period of time … In fact this isn’t a charm for local residents any longer, people from outside Delhi/India can give a thought waisey bhi as they say “The best angle from which to approach any problem is the try-angle”.. some day some try may bring some changes … (let’s hope)

Me a new reader of your Roshandan… please write lil freequent .. I care for reading u more, and if u don’t mind, am I allowed to comment rest of your write ups!!!

Take Care!

CURIOUS said...

Hey Agonist,
Thanx for reading and of course u can comment on any write up. I guess u r right, some money being pumped in would do a lot of good for places like the Red Fort.
Will also try and write more often:)