Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Between cigarettes and Godot and E & T

E:- Hey u look very chirpy today!
A: No, not at all actually. I am quite depressed.
E:- Why the hell? What's with u? U have no reason to be depressed.
A: Precisely that's why. There seems to be no reason at all. Why do u think we live E?
E:- Just!
A: So, we r vegetating.
E:-Yeah. Quite. But depends. Some people are genuinely happy in whatever, at home, marriage, family, work. One has to find one's mission, one's meaning for life.
A: What if there is suddenly no meaning? No reason or mission.
E:- That is the scariest thing. No meaning.
A: What if we just like to think there is meaning when there is actually nothing. Like Waiting for Godot.
E:- That's an existentialist phase. We all go thro it. I did. May be u shud join this community I know, might help.
A: What if it doesn't? What if there really is no meaning.Just blind senseless hope?
T:-Gawd! U guys are just plain crazy! What an inane, insane conversation! Why don't u guys just renounce the world or something. Mad women.

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agonist said...

M quite drunk today, will surely remark ur wispy conversation tommorow... nonetheless i want to tell u one thing u r superb writer ... and u know for u sky is the limit